The critical error there is thinking that ranking well now means you will continue to rank well long term.

With an average of more than one algorithm change per day last year, there is no arguing how fast things change with the engines. A ranking today is no way any assurance that you will rank tomorrow.
How can you ensure you will continue to rank tomorrow? Actively optimize in all areas that the engines look at (and that includes Social Media).
With social media it is very easy to share your thoughts and your marketing message. Of course sharing it is only step one – the content has to be interesting, funny, informative, shocking etc to create a viral spread of the content through email and various networks.
This new phenomenon gives the consumer the power to voice their opinions and impact the decision making of other potential consumers...


On-going Content Addition & Social Media

The search engines like to see that your site is growing. They like to see new content being added. It’s actually an important part of their algorithm. Many people add content when they optimize their site, and that is a great idea but you shouldn’t stop there. Create a plan to add content on an on-going basis. We all get busy and forget, but if there is a plan to guide and remind you, you are more likely to remember.
I am often asked how much content you need to add...


link – Backlink

Links are important to the search engines because it shows the engines that other sites think your information is worthy of sharing. Each link is like a vote for your website.
Links are not only good for the engines but good links open up new sources of traffic from relevant, complementary but non-competing websites.
Linking has gone through so many transformations over the years. First all reciprocal links are good, then only relevant links are good. Then reciprocal links are not helpful, you need one way links.
Today you are better off getting one way links, but some reciprocal links are OK. The higher the PageRank on the site that links to you, the more the link helps you.
Buying links is a hot topic now...


Bing & Yahoo – What You Need To Know

According to a recent comScore report, American consumers conducted more than 16 billion searches during the month of July, with Yahoo gaining 1.2% of search engine market share.
Yahoo’s gains was largely at the expense of Google sites, which lost 1% of search market share month-over-month. Google is still the front-ruunner with 61.6% of the search market.
Bing and Yahoo may not make up the lion-share of your traffic but from what we’ve seen they drive nice traffic to sites and you never want to be too Google-dependent, so making sure you are going to do well on Yahoo/Bing is important. At a recent SEO Conference (SES SF) it was said “Yahoo and Bing are merging. They’ll be 100% merged by the end of August or the beginning of September. It’s not something to ignore anymore...


On-page Optimization

Next we are going to focus on the tweaks we can make within your code to “prepare” your site for the search engines.
These techniques change over time, so staying current with the engines is vitally important to the on-going success of your webpage.
Please note: you should never abuse any of these techniques. Everything with moderation!
Let’s start with your Meta tags.
Meta Tags are HTML tags which provide additional information about a web document. Unlike regular tags, Meta tags do not provide formatting information for the browser.

They provide such information as the author, date of creation or latest update for the page, titles, descriptions and keywords (which tell the search engines the subject matter of the page).
For SEO purposes those last three (title, description and ke...


SEO Friendliness – Diagnosis & Correction, plus Competitor Analysis

What does everybody with top rankings know that you don’t know? That’s the question that drives most people in their quest for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) information.
The foundation of a top ranked site should be SEO Friendly or SEO Ready – both are terms used for making sure the foundation of your site is clean, concise and “friendly” to the search engine bots that crawl your site.

Have you ever tried to build a house of cards? Your strategy as the house grew more complex was very important – but none of it mattered without a solid foundation.
That is what you need for your site – a solid foundation to grow your search engine rankings on.
To get top rankings and have long term SEO success you simply cannot ignore the foundation of your campaign.
A solid foundation consists o...


Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis

Finding the right keywords is the foundation to your campaign.
Here is an outline of the steps you should follow for keyword research:
1. Start with a brainstorming session to list all possible words and phrases that people would use to find what you have to offer. Remember to put yourself in the mindset of the potential customer.
2. Do the necessary research to continue building your list.
a. Research your competitors and see what keywords they are using.
b. Look at your web stats and logs and pull words and phrases from there (this is a great source of info, you can find the words that people are already using to find you and enhance your rankings on those words so you can get even more traffic).


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